Santorini Special Occasion Cruises

Semi-Private Cruises

Explore. Discover. Live.


Five hours of pure magic. Moments you’ll never forget.
All we wish is for you to enjoy yourself and leave everything else to us. We’re proud to be part of your special day in Santorini. The attentive crew will be there to guide you and prepare for you freshly delicious meals on board (lunch or dinner) consisted of a meat and seafood variety on barbeque, Greek salads and appetizers, accompanied with local wines, beers and chilled beverages.

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Private Cruises

Sail and create memories that will always put a smile on your face. Let the sea breeze enchant you while relaxing on deck. Discover all these magical locations that make Santorini a unique worldwide destination. Places you can only visit during your special cruise.
With over 30 years sailing experience, we put our clients’ safety first! Our fleet meets the highest security standards and qualified captain and crew are always on board with you at all times.

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Special Occasions

Our team’s knowledge and dedication will attend your special moments. Spend your unique day on board, surrounded by the sea and the energy of Santorini. Either is a wedding proposal, anniversary, honeymoon or celebration, we would be glad to highlight it with our experienced service and fulfill your wishes.

Contact us for advice and information in order to create for you a memorable experience.

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