Catamaran and Motor Yacht Private Cruises

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Daytime Cruise (5 hours)10:30-15:30 | Sunset Cruise (5 hours) 15:30-20:20

A dream come true!


Life is full of special occasions and Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate them! We love organizing special day or sunset cruises charged with exciting moments and happy surprises.
It can be a wedding proposal...
Could you imagine a more suitable place than being in the middle of the Aegean sea embraced by the Caldera?
It can be your wedding reception or even your honeymoon...
Seal your love on board watching the mesmerizing sunset while making a toast to your new life with a glass of the famous Santorinian wines.
It could even be a special private party...
A birthday, an anniversary, a bachelor party or just a good excuse to have fun with friends and family! Have the time of your life on board surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that Santorini gratefully offers you.

* Contact us for any specific requirements
* Special offers for big groups

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