Scorpion Speed Boat

About SCORPION G2 inflatable speedboat

The SCORPION G2 is a 10m in length, luxury cruising inflatable speedboat with 2 Yamaha engines x 300 HP which ensures that any private cruise, tour or transfer itinerary that should be provided at your disposal will be on time, safe, easy way and mesmerizing. It is constructed and designed with comfort, luxury, fascinating beauty, secure and innovatively style for giving precious passion to leisure times, furthermore with a breathtaking performance in all weather and sea conditions. The capacity of the specific inflatable power boat is at maximum 10 passengers, included the skipper. The boat is also providing shading and WC. This type of powerboat has many exceptional capabilities and features to offer to its passengers such as a) the speediest sea-transfer if its needed so, b) the maximum Safety on possibly boat maneuvers against any bad weather and sea conditions, c) both sailing and sea-racing experience, d) the safest access and anchor to any rocky and inaccessible bay or shore such as those are existing in the volcano and caldera shores of Santorini island.


The experience of cruising Santorini and Greek islands with a SCORPION speedboat

A real breath-taking private speedboat excursion cruise, transfer or tour under high performance combined with a secure, stable, comfortable ride will broaden your cruising experiences as well as your cruising season whether you're using your boat in the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, or the Caldera and volcano of Santorini.


Santorini to Mykonos speedboat cruises, excursion tours and transfers

The private cruises, tours and transfers from Santorini to Mykonos and vice versa are very common as those Greek islands included between the hottest tourism destinations in Mediterranean and all around the world as well. The transfer, rib cruise or excursion tour from Santorini to Mykonos and from Mykonos to Santorini with an inflatable luxury speedboat is an unforgettable, amazing and pure sea-experience that’s always meets all of the passengers’ needs and requirements. 


Athens to Santorini speedboat transfers

The SCORPION G2 is also available for any urgent private speedboat transfer from Athens city through the Piraeus, Rafina or Lavrio ports direct to Santorini. Please contact us in order to schedule your preferred sea-transfer with the SCORPION G2 inflatable speedboat.


Photo Gallery of the SCORPION G2 Speedboat




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