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Iconic Volcano Santorini Fireworks Cruise 2023

08/30/2023 News

Introducing the most astonishing Volcano Santorini Fireworks Cruise The month of September hosts the most spectacular event of the year. The Municipality of Santorini pays homage to the natural calamity of so many centuries ago; the eruption circa 1620 BC which transformed the island into the unique crescent shape of today, creating all the spellbinding … Continue reading

Once in a lifetime, iconic Santorini cruises

08/01/2023 News

Imagine the most enchanting setting for a Cycladic romance or adventure. It involves you and your loved one(s) sailing through the magical waters of the Aegean, and flanked by the otherworldly beauty of the Caldera. Now add the breathtaking Santorinian sunset and a glass of the finest local wine. Welcome to once in a lifetime … Continue reading

Why a Santorini catamaran tour is a great idea

07/18/2023 News

Sailing in the Aegean is an experience that immediately brings to mind Santorini’s dramatic coastline and volcanic aura. A Santorini catamaran tour is a great idea, as it truly is a vivacious sojourn through one of nature’s greatest works of art. And when it comes to exploring this Greek paradise in style, Spiridakos Sailing stands … Continue reading

Delightful sailing tours in Santorini for everyone

04/27/2023 News

Santorini offers a multitude of choices for fun. Whether you’re with the family, your friends or your loved one, if you are looking for a unique way to explore the island, its stunning coastline and hidden gems, look no further than Spiridakos Sailing Cruises. Specializing in catamaran, yacht and motor-boat sailing tours in Santorini, Spiridakos … Continue reading