Private Cruises

Santorini Private Cruises

Sail and create memories that will always put a smile on your face. Let the sea breeze enchant you while relaxing on deck. Discover all these magical locations that make Santorini a unique worldwide destination. Places you can only visit during your special cruise.
With over 30 years sailing experience, we put our clients’ safety first! Our fleet meets the highest security standards with a qualified captain and crew who are on board with you at all times.
Our elegant motor yacht can elevate your comfort with upscale, lavish moments and our catamarans, five sailing beauties, offer smooth and fast Santorini private sailing cruises or shared.
So… Join us! We’ll keep you safe, treat you with the well known Greek hospitality, and take you to the most beautiful places of our island and allow you to just… enjoy the ride!

Contact us for advice and information in order to create for you a memorable experience.

Daytime Private Catamaran Half-Day Cruises

Enjoy an exclusive sailing experience and marvel at the majestic coastal scenery. Discover the most famous beaches, visit all the highlights, and have a BBQ on board this 5-hour Daytime Private Santorini Catamaran Cruise.

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Sunset Private Catamaran Half-Day Cruises

Get the best out of Santorini with this 5-hour Private Santorini Catamaran Sunset Cruise. Swim by the volcano and secluded beaches, relax at the hot springs while our crew prepares your BBQ dinner. Enjoy the mother of all sunsets, the majestic Santorini Sunset.

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Daytime Private Azimut Motor Yacht Half-Day Cruises

Nothing like a Private Motor Yacht Cruise in Santorini! Explore all the little secrets of the island, spend quality time with your family and friends, or celebrate with your significant other. We will organize your special cruise, charged with exciting moments and happy surprises.

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Sunset Private Azimut Motor Yacht Half-Day Cruises

Proposing to your loved one? Celebrating an aniversarry? This Santorini Sunset Cruise on a Luxurious Motor Yacht amplifies emotions and enhances memories without breaking the bank.

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Full Day Private Azimut Motor Yacht Cruises

The closest thing to owning a yacht! An amazing expedition to discover every little corner of Santorini’s magical waters.  Explore the small island of Thirasia, Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, and Aspronisi. Enjoy your BBQ dinner with a sunset background to remember.

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Daytime Private Targa Motor Yacht Half-Day Cruises

If you passionate about luxury and comfort, then get on board this 44ft luxurious Botnia Targa Motor Yahct of +600hp and roam the caldera. Reach all the secluded bays and coves and plunge into crystal clear waters away from crowds.

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Sunset Private Targa Motor Yacht Half-Day Cruises

Take your friends along a journey of fun, surprises, and relaxation. Stop at the most famous beaches, relax at the hot springs and watch the sunset with a refreshing beer or a glass of local white wine.

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Full Day Private Targa Motor Yacht Cruises

Explore every little cove or secluded beach, away from crowds. Our Captain will guide you through all the highlights of Santorini as well as Thirasia, where you will enjoy your lunch, at a traditional restaurant by the sea.

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Daytime Private Motor Boat Cruises

“The best Value-for-Money private experience in Santorini”. Get to hike the Volcano, relax at the hot springs, walk by the fishing boats of Thirasia, and discover the hidden gems of Ammoudi.

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Sunset Private Motor Boat Cruises

Santorini’s sunset is better admired with good friends, chilled local wine or beer, onboard a 10-meter motorboat, after a warm iron & clay bath in the hot springs, a cool swim next to the volcano, and a sunny hike on it. Nothing more to ask.

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